Email Setup (IMAP) - Mac Mail

You can add your email address to Mac Mail, which comes as part of Mac OS on Laptops and Desktops using the following instructions.

  1. Go to Mail > Preferences and choose 'Accounts' (note: this is different from Mail > Accounts)
  2. Click on the + button at the bottom left to add an account, which should bring up a window saying 'Choose a Mail account provider'
  3. Choose 'Other Mail Account' at the bottom and click continue
  4. On the next window, your name might be pre-filled, change this if appropriate (eg. to your charity/company name rather than personal name), fill in the email address in full and password you set and click 'Sign in'
  5. It will be unlikely that Mac Mail will detect the settings so you'll then see an expanded window asking for more details, which are:
    • Email address and username should be the same (type over 'Automatic' with the full email)
    • Account Type: IMAP
    • Incoming Mailserver:
    • Outgoing Mailserver:
  6. It may take a while to verify and/or not verify but allow you to click 'Next'.
  7. Choose whether you want the account to also have 'Notes' (which can synchronise across devices) or just Mail and click Next. Note: if 'Next' keeps coming up just click 'Cancel' as the account should still have been setup in Mail.


  • Sometimes Mac Mail won't save the username, so you'll need to go into Mail > Preferences > Accounts, click the account and choose 'Server Settings' Then enter the appropriate email address in the username and as you do this a 'Save' buttom might show up at the bottom right. Click save.
  • If you can't send email, this might be that the outgoing server settings weren't saved, which can be found under Mail > Preferences > Accounts, click on the account and choose 'Server Settings'. You should be able to see the outgoing server under the dropdown, otherwise you may need to re-add it as above.
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