Migration to Standard Hosting

From February 2019 we are offering our clients a new entry level hosting package, called Standard Hosting, which includes:

  • Unlimited 10Gb email accounts, with simple webmail at https://www.tortillamail.com
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Webspace (for the website)

If you are moving from another hosting platform, including Unlimited Shared Hosting, there is a bit of a progress involved to migrate.

  1. Ordering & creation of the new hosting package (this also creates a pro-rata invoice for the difference between packages)
  2. Copying the website (ideally when lots of updates are not occurring)
  3. Copying the email accounts (usually this requires a temporary password reset, and is a good time to consider a new password afterwards)
  4. Repointing the domain name/ website address to the new hosting package (ideally overnight)
  5. Removal of the old email accounts on your computer/phone (using webmail as a temporary measure)
  6. Setting up the new email accounts on your computer/phone and testing
  7. Synchronising any additional email (that came into the old servers during the switch, so nothing is missing)

You will be guided through the process and it may involve a password resetting at point 3 so we don't have your email password, and that can then be reset.

  • Standard Hosting
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