Multiple Domains, One Website

When setting up a site it is quite common to want to get several domain names, usually to ensure that your brand is protected; easier to find in Search Engines; you've covered all the revelant countries; or that you've got all possible misspellings of the main address.

For example for a typical website:

If they all just need to point to one address then 'web forwarding' needs to be used, eg. when you type in it auotmatically takes you to rather than displaying the same website on two different addresses which is confusing to Search Engines.

However sometimes you might want to have say and because they'll be reaching different people. If this is the case then please just raise a support ticket and we will 'map' the domain names you need onto the hosting account.

Just to be clear though for Shared Hosting this can only be used for one website, not to put multiple websites onto the same account as this causes imbalances in the hosting. If you need multiple websites on one hosting account then please consider Virtual Private Hosting or a Dedicated Server.
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